Peace be upon you,

So, the blog name ‘The ant and carpet’?

I came across a profound parable recounted by Sheikh Abdul Hakim Murad (Timothy Winters) and attributed to the one and only Jalaluddin Rumi. The parable tells of an ant that crawls across a carpet and complains to God about the numerous bumps, patterns and strange colours that serve little more than a meaningless obstacle course. What is not known to the ant of course, is that the landscape it traverses is a carpet, and the carpet in its entirety is complete in purpose, and that the carpet maker has carefully created this carpet with all of its colours and patterns purposefully.  Sheikh Abdul Hakim reflects that even if we can’t always see the wisdom behind life’s experiences, we should remember that manifestations of God’s will is always beautiful and perfect. He adds that ‘We are at ground level, we can’t see what it all means.’

I am as the ant, navigating  through this sometimes happy and sometimes sad but always beautiful world, and my writing tries to make sense of life’s experiences. My intention for this blog is that it be of benefit first and foremost. A space where I can share reflections and thoughts and hope that they in turn inspire reflection in whoever reads them.

I do love writing and have attempted to journal and keep a blog in the past (old posts have been copied over to this new site). This blog aims to captures two themes: reflections on life’s lessons and my travels.


If you would like to say hello, contact me at: theantandcarpet@gmail.com